Thora Magnusson

Thora was born in California to parents of Icelandic, British & French heritage. California has many natural options for health and beauty, the landscapes are diverse and plentiful. Growing up and living in California meant having opportunities to see beauty and be with health-conscious, nature-loving people.

She watched her father, growing up in the 70’s, as he would talk for hours on the telephone, pacing back and forth, wearing a groove in the carpet of his home office. Giving lectures and classes regarding life and business to clients and extended family in the living room and lower level classroom, of their three-story townhouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Her mother would often find her asleep atop the staircase after she had been tucked into bed. She wanted to know the secrets of the world and was sure that the adults had the answers she was seeking.

From the time that she was a young child, writing, making costly long-distance phone calls to strangers by dialing random phone numbers, and talking to family and friends, was her passion. She used to practice cursive before she could write a single letter of the alphabet. Thora wanted to be able to communicate, so she practiced and practiced. Before emailing, texting, and posting, she would often talk on the phone with friends and family for hours, listening, mostly, and writing letters back and forth with loved ones.

Her curiosity and knack for getting herself into the mix of things helped her work in different industries, meet thousands of people and understand more about what works well and what does not in living a good life. Listening, observing, sharing, and exchanging ideas with women and men from all walks of life and backgrounds has given her a level of tolerance and insight.

Finding ways to help people has been a lifelong quest. The more we can pay attention to ourselves and those we care about, the better we will all be. Now, the observations and lessons she has learned over the past decades are becoming available for you.

“I want to help women be supportive to themselves so they can do more of what they are passionate about, circumventing the typical pressures and stresses that come with creating a fuller life. I am on that journey, myself, so I am excited to share what I know and am learning along the way.”

by Thora is content, tools, and consulting that focus on supporting women who want to have the 360-degree experience of life in a real and meaningful way. Not only to have it all, but to ensure that there is sufficient joy and reward along the way. Life doesn’t have to be overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting! Your life can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and inspiring!